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Bidragon Machinery Co., Ltd.

Bidragon Machinery Co., Ltd.

Bidragon is an engineering group, which is founded in year 2001. In the beginning state, we are mainly engaged in heating boiler and steel silo project. During so many years cooperation with customers, we extend our service scope based on our products in order to meet customer’s requirement for the whole line installation and save cost for customer.

Bidragon Machinery Co., Ltd.

Main of our service is as following fields:

1. Steel silo project: grain silo, feed silo, cement silo, fly ash silo, industrial silo, etc.

2. Heating boiler project: oil fired boiler, gas fired boiler, pellet fired boiler, thermal oil heater, etc.

3. Spice grinding project: chili grinder, chili cutter, and spice milling machine, etc.

4. Wood Machine: ice cream stick machine, disposable wooden tongue depressor machine, coffee stirrers machine, nail making machine, etc.

Purchase agent for other machine : core, strip, core winder, etc.

What Service Does Bidragon offer ?

1. Supplying EPC project in four fields: boiler, steel silo, spice mill, wood machine.

2. Supply professional design: we has our own design team and has cooperation with senior mechanical designer engaged in above projects.

3. Professional installation team: during the past 20 years, we has finished many project in foreign country, such as Mexico, New Zealand, SriLanka, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, etc.

4. Professional import and export formalities: 20 years exporting experiences will save you time and cost during the business.

Purchase argent service: Bidragon can purchase the suitable equipment from china on behalf of customer, and offer the suitable price for customer.

Bidragon Machinery Co., Ltd.

Why Choose Bidragon ?

1. Good service: 24 hours online service to answer your any question.

2. Good quality: from the moment order taking effect, we will arrange professional person follow up production and offer detailed progress for customer to ensure the product quality.

3. Good reputation: Bidragon has many projects in different countries, and each year we will get new customer which is recommended by  regular customer.


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